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So I’m going to talk about my OTP from a WIP that currently only exists in my head (bwahahahaa). It’s an urban fantasy starring two grunt angels, who are stuck on earth performing low-level demon clean-up operations. For like, ever.

This is all a big dramatic punishment for terrible Crimes Against God they don’t remember committing because 1) they committed them countless millennia ago 2) as part of their punishment their minds are periodically wiped by angelic middle management. They don’t have even have wings. It’s a bummer.

Rianna is the short, unfeeling one. Tammy is the tall, sarky one. (Disclaimer: names for this WIP are very much in progress. By which I mean I hadn’t actually thought of them until I was forced to do so right now for this exact post). Technically, angels aren’t supposed to have  emotions at all, outside of their undying devotion to the Lord Our God. Unfortunately, however, thousands of years stalking this mortal coil has given Tammy a serious attitude. Rianna, by contrast, is a bit… well. Blank. There’s her all-consuming duty to God. There’s her bond of kinship with Tammy; well ‘kinship’ as far as being Fellow Warriors in the Name of the Lord creates any feelings of kinship. There’s also her determinedly stoic collection of postage stamps. Rianna is calm, collected, and entirely detached (except, of course,  when she’s putting the fear of God into her demon quarry, at which point she is razor-sharp focused and utterly deadly). Apart from that, feelings are mildly fascinating, yet essentially useless things which humans have.

Then, BOOM. A mortal girl walks in to their life. And everything gets royally screwed.

Fiona is outgoing, slightly defensive, and mildly harried from looking after her two year old daughter Elspeth, whom she loves and guards with her life. She is a little bit bewildered by this whole angel thing, determined to find out more, and willing to bug the hell out of Rianna and Tammy until they explain to her exactly what the heck is going on with this whole Immortal War Thing that’s apparently been raging beneath the world’s nose this entire time. Rianna thinks this is mildly irritating. Tammy thinks its hilarious. Fiona is chatty, sparky, curious, and more engaging than any human Rianna has ever met before. There’s also something weird about her. Like, possibly supernatural weird. Rianna begins to find this mildly fascinating. Tammy begins to really, really really not like this.

And then the demons start coming in hordes, Rianna receives an order which for the first time she has to question, Tammy’s memory and world and life blows apart, Fiona is falling for a heartless, stone-cold machine (which after her ex Mark she swore she would never do again (seriously fuck Mark tho) ), it might actually be time for Lucifer to rise again, and basically shit seriously goes sideways.

at this point everyone in the novel is screaming.

So there’s kinda two OTPs in this novel. There is the unbreakable, immortal bond between Rianna and Tammy. And there is a something, whatever the fudge that is because Rianna doesn’t understand what the frick is happening, between Rianna and Fiona.

  1. How and why did Rianna and Fiona meet?

It’s pretty awkward actually. Rianna was stabbing a demon in the face and trying to drink its soul. Fiona was hiding under a cafe chair. There was lots of shrieking. Fiona may have stabbed an old fat lady in the face (for self defense, she was also a demon) which is never, ever supposed to happen because humans aren’t supposed to be able to kill demons without angelic intervention.

2. What were their first impressions of each other?

Rianna thinks that Fiona is an average if slightly more high-pitched and screamy than average human, but wait a minute, how the heck does she kill that demon using only a butter knife????

Fiona basically just assumes Rianna is another demon, which is fair enough because angels are scary (but also sEXY) when they get their Kill Face on.

exhibit a: it is a known and proven fact that angels have been blessed with the power to spontaneously smite ovaries from a distance of over 50 paces

3. How would they prove their love for each other?

Um, Rianna doesn’t actually know what ‘love’is, if you mean that puny human emotion of ‘eros’. She’s an angel, and angel can’t feel eros. True love is agape, the love of God. In order to express agape, Rianna prays, recites passages from her favourite copy of the King James Bible, and ends the petty life of every disgusting demon in a 200 mile radius. She also expresses her agape by collecting stamps in shiny scrap books for the Lord.

Fiona would prove her love for Rianna by bugging her and supporting her and teaching her to feel something, anything at all, that isn’t just burning angelic fire.

4. What would be an ideal date?

For Fiona, this would involve making sure it was Dan’s night to look after Elspeth, and then going on an adventure into the city, exploring a suburb she’s never visited before and discovering something new together. Afterwards, there’d be kicking back on the sofa with a big bag of Doritos, Netflix, David Attenborough documentaries, and lots of candles.

Rianna does not go on dates. Unless it is with a demon, whom she is faux-seducing, in order to kill it in the back alley out of sight of everyone else in the pub. This would be a good date.

5. Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

The Lord, and whether he (or she) is an omnipotent, inexplicable being, who loves their children and is worthy of eternal, undying, and all consuming devotion. Or whether God is in fact a figment of primitive human imagination made up to make everyone feel better about death, enforce group-think and the patriarchy, and who even if they do exist clearly doesn’t give a crap or why would so many people’s lives be so miserable?

To make a long story short, Fiona is an atheist. This causes some issues.

6. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)

Uhhh…. technically, angels don’t actually have to eat. The construct which they use in order to have a human body benefits from regular nourishment…. okay. Tammy will tell you this, although Rianna does not acknowledge it, that if given the chance Rianna just eats everything all the timeSecondly, she’s gross. She will eat cold baked beans or cheddar with chocolate cake at the same time, and doesn’t seem to notice. Tammy isn’t sure if she actually knows what’s she’s eating or not, or even if she really tastes it. Thirdly, when she’s struggling with doubt, she will either forget to eat anything entirely for several weeks, or clear out all of Lidl to help her eat through her problems.

Other none food quirks include: the stamp collecting. It makes her feel like she’s in control. She also has a habit of staring at people whilst they are talking without blinking (it’s easy to forget to blink, to be fair) which freaks them out a bit.

Fiona has a serious weakness for those really smelly cheesy Doritos. She also cannot survive without her morning and afternoon cups of tea — but — she doesn’t like them with milk *le gasp*. She will only drink them black, and the bitterer the better. Recently, she’s been eating a lot of kids food, like spaghetti hoops and smiley face waffles, because she’s been cooking them for Elspeth and also dude, they taste amazing. However, on Friday nights she always cooks up a fantastic comfort food dinner from the Jamaican recipes her mum taught her, maybe jerk pork or a curry.

7. What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

Fiona saw Rianna doing something pretty horrific with that demon; there was a lot of exposed trachea, something that looked like black bloody slime, except it was alive, and Rianna was trying to catch it. In her mouth. It was sort of vampiric to be honest. Rianna has a problem. Demon remnants give angels a powerful high, and they dull out any emotions other than rage and fire, but they’re also corruptive. Tammy suspects something is up, but she hasn’t guessed. Yet.

Fiona blurted something to Rianna that she’s never told anyone and is utterly ashamed of. Sometimes, Fiona isn’t sure she can cope with Elspeth. Sometimes, she catches herself wishing that she didn’t have responsibility of a daughter. The reason she told Rianna is because she knows Rianna has no way of understanding or caring or judging her secret.


yes, babies are cute. but let’s face it they’re also definitely evil.


8. What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

Fiona would die of humiliation if a god-knows-how-ancient basically-a-serial-killer angel discovers that she, a human, thinks said angel is actually proper fit.

Rianna has a line of black cuts down the lines on her back where her wings used to be. She put them there, with a cursed knife, so they’ll never heal and fade. There’s one cut for every time a certain comet cuts through earth’s orbit. It’s her only way of marking the passing of her years, and it’s utterly forbidden.

9. How would their lives be different without each other?

Fiona’s life without having met Rianna would be like Rose’s life without the Doctor. She would have had the same old job in a shop, worked hard to grow up her kid right, maybe found love somewhere else. Always wondering if there wasn’t supposed to be something more to life. If she wasn’t supposed to be something more.

Rianna’s life if she had never met Fiona would be a one track line through the cosmos, with no deviation. The same as it had always been, a future paying for an ancient crime spooling away into infinity. Not happy. Not unhappy. Simply performing her duty. Unquestioning…and completely unfeeling, because emotion isn’t something that angels have.

10. Where do they each see this relationship going?

Ahahaha…. what relationship? Everything is a disaster, and setting on fire. Rianna still doesn’t know what emotions are. Fiona may have tried to kiss her, but at that point Lucifer’s angels rose from the Abyss and really, the only way this is conceivably going to end right now is in damnation and a big squishy mess on the pavement.


romance, trying to enter my novel like


Yaaaaaay that was actually really fun to write! That’s the first time I’ve ever talked about these characters outside of my own head, so I’m a little nervous but also very excited. I hope you enjoyed it, if so please let me know! 😀 Looking forward to reading more about everyone’s OTPs.

See you soon! x