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Beautiful Books: My WIP? Ahahahaaa don’t ask (no seriously don’t)

So the amazing Paperfury and Furtherupfurtherin are doing this great writers link up to get bloggers talking about their writing goals this year. To be honest this is exactly what I need 1) to give myself a kick up the bum to finishing... Continue Reading →

Steampunk zombies betray Maddy with yawny plot // Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

So, having finally got around to reading it.... I am disappoint. Yes. I AM. DISAPPOINT. Why? Because I was expecting (and I quote, from the glowing critical reviews) "rollicking pace" and "pure mad adventure". Pace and MAD ADVENTURE MY ARSE. For two thirds of this book blimming nothing happened! What actually happened???? Like, Briar and Zeke climbed through tunnels. Oh my god, so many tunnels. This book consisted 9/10 of just... blimming TUNNEL DESCRIPTIONS.

Resolutions, aka aaargh how is it 2017 already?

I know a lot of people think the whole idea of making new year's resolutions is a bunch of rubbish, and fair enough. Why do you need a fancy special Date to decide to idk eat more chocolate? (no-one says resolutions... Continue Reading →

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