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Welcome to my blog, esteemed netizen!

This corner of the internet is where I park book reviews fuelled by my rage at the Four Literary Horsemen of the Bookocalypse: poor world building, sloppy editing, 2D characters, and rampant misogyny. Sometimes I even LIKE a book, so I review them too because #bookequality. I also write about procrastiwriting (procrastiwriting is like writing, except 90% procrastinating).

I update on Thursdays During the Hell Month that we mortals tremblingly call ‘NaNoWrimo’, I will be moving updates to Sundays!

Things which make me happy include my pet ducks, and buttery popcorn (caramel popcorn = death). I want to read more books, but I spend hours reading Goodreads blurbs instead. I’m trying to go vegan, but also CHEESE??? 😍 I want to explore the world, but I also want to take over the world. Decisions?!!

My life goals include to someday get a novel published, speak four languages, and pull Tom Hiddleston (may as well aim high I guess). The gorgeous city of Edinburgh is my home, but not for much longer, because I’m just about to graduate uni. Aargh!

favourite dinosaur: parasaurolophus

dominant mood: cheerfully furious

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